Mortgage Center
Here you can obtain information on all aspects of the mortgage process, from pre-qualification to rates & pricing scenarios, to online application for a mortgage.  This is a virtual self-help bonanza.  Feel free to spend as much time as you wish learning the in's and out's of mortgages and, in the process, save yourself a lot of money!

Home purchase/first-time home buyer

Buy with confidence. Blake understands the stresses that comes along with buying a home. He will go through the whole process and help you understand that buying a house can be stress-free. To view information about getting pre-qualified for a mortgage (this is one of the most valuable tools your can use for purchasing a home), contact Blake.


Are you are looking to do some home improvements, pay off debt or simply want a lower rate by tapping into todays historically low rates OR by changing your term to a 15-year?  Please contact Blake to discuss refinance options and get a free savings worksheet.

Rent vs. Buy

Contact Blake to analyze the wealth building opportunities from renting or buying. The answer may surprise you.

Current Rates

To view current rates & fees (updated bi-monthly), contact Blake for your free copy of these documents.

Apply Now

To apply for a mortgage application appointment (over the phone), inquire further about a loan in process, or for general information about a purchase or refinance mortgage solution, Click Here.   OR  apply online by clicking below "APPLY NOW" link!